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  • Hoe breinvriendelijk is een training? How brain friendly is training? Without our brain we can not learn. Therefore, how the brain works should be the starting point when developing any training or any other learning intervention.  GerJanne Dirksen, owner of BCL (Breincentraal Leren Instituut) developed 6 “Brain Principles”: Emotion,... View more 2 December 2015
  • Leren met de snelheid van de verandering: Performance Support Learn with the speed of change: Performance support Knowledge rapidly develops, much quicker than tradional learning can keep up with. This asks for a new learning approach. Knowing how the brain works, combined with the current state of technology it allows a company to make the workplace a learning space. Performance Support facilitates... View more 25 November 2015
  • Micro leren: een mix van content Micro learning: a content mix Micro learning fits every agenda and individual needs. It can, in contrast to traditional learning,  keep up with the speed of learning. Micro learning is more than dividing learning content in small bits and pieces. It needs to be a dynamic mixture of engaging videos and articles,... View more 17 November 2015
  • Hoe self-guided learning ons helpt How self guided learning helps us Companies develop fast. New processes, software and social media are available to the employee. It is strange that the training curriculum that is used does not match these fast developments. The focus should be on the employee, because he is the one to implement the new developments... View more 10 November 2015
  • Wat is een nou eigenlijk? Wat is een nou eigenlijk? Inmiddels heeft een ieder zichzelf respecterende organisatie een academy waarin alles wat er te leren valt is terug te vinden. Van de welkom aan boord training, een online intake voor een performance management traject of een reeks workshops over authentiek leiderschap. De Blended... View more 20 July 2015